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by Maria Antonietta Calabrò

"Ratzinger has died but they want to bury Pope Francis", this is how Father Georg's "grudge" was judged on Twitter and the media attack directed against the Pontiff which we have witnessed in recent days. (...)  We have also wondered if Don Georg is concretely applying to lead the opposition to Bergoglio. (...) Thus the funeral of the Pope emeritus took on the acrid flavor of a sequel to "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown (2009) where the figure of the chamberlain, adopted son of the dead pope had tried everything to give his turn to the life of the Church. (...) The point is that Monsignor Georg knows very well that his way out of the Vatican will not be like that of Wojtyla's secretary, who returned to Poland as cardinal and archbishop of Warsaw. The difficulties for a return to a diocese in Germany are also known (...) In the USA Ganswein would instead be welcomed with open arms by the conservative majority of bishops, presided over by his friend (as he said himself in an interview with Repubblica) Timothy Broglio . After all, the United States have been a thorn in the Pope's side since the time of Benedict XVI, where Ratzinger's branch was led by the then nuncio to Washington, Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò (...) However, it seems difficult if not impossible for Francis to make a a blatant mistake like that of Benedetto who, in order to remove Viganò from the Governorate, promoted him as ambassador to the States where the current nuncio Christophe Pierre (appointed almost seven years ago, April 16, 2016) turns 76 precisely on January 30, 2023 (the retirement age is 75). (…) Speaking of Dan Brown and books, it is not excluded that Pope Francis Monsignor Georg could even keep him in the Vatican, with some assignments for example at the Vatican Library where he is now Archivist and Librarian of the Holy Roman Church, Archbishop Angelo Vincenzo Zani, consecrated by Benedict XVI on 6 January 2013, one month after his resignation, the same day on which he consecrated Archbishop G himself eorg.

The Vatican Archive is more properly called the archive of the Popes, including Benedict XVI, therefore his secretary would be the most qualified to manage it. On Saturday 7 January the Pope received Monsignor Zani at the Santa Marta house. Did they talk about Georg?


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